Food and Water

Goats prefer to browser rather then graze. They require a variety of feed. Always provide grassy hay a lib and clean fresh water. We feed our goats a variety of mineral enriched feed as well as providing them with tree limbs and a few fruits and vegetables from time to time. We include a list of foods and a sample of the hard feed we use in our care packs for new owners. A goat 'Go Block' is a great idea to have for your goats. This provides goats with their minerals when they need them. Make sure you keep the blocks out of the rain to ensure quality and longevity.


Shelter should always be provided for your goats. Goats HATE wind and rain and will sort out the nearest shelter to escape these weather elements. They will also need a place to escape the days heat and a place to keep warm during the cold nights. You can use things like sand or rice hulls to provide an absorbent flooring, covered in straw hay to keep goats warm. Always remember to keep their bedding area clean and dry. 


Goats hooves are like our toenails and need trimming on a regular basis. We trim our goats hooves every 6-8 weeks. Availability of climbing apparatus, such as; rocks, logs, purpose build climbing frames etc. will prolong the period between trimming times. Trimming tools vary from purpose hoof trimmers, secateurs to tin snips. Either of these are fine to use although a good set of hoof trimmers is well worth their money.

It is advised to do a bit of research with your worming routine. The best way to know if your goat needs worming is to do a fecal count and worm when needed according to results. To help reduce the risk of worms; feed hay in hay feeders, feed off the ground, paddock rotation and try to keep pasture grass 10cm and above.

Goats need to be vaccinated every 6 months.


Good fencing is required to keep your goats within the boundaries. It is said that if you train your baby to only leave a pen/ paddock through the gate within the first 12 months of its life, it will always respect your fences. To train your goat, firstly, your fence must be of excellent quality with no tempting gaps to escape from or objects near the fence the goat can use to jump over. Always use the gate to leave their pen and never jump the fence or place your goat over the fence as this may encourage jumping.


Goats are very similar to dogs and love company. They are herd animals and need a full-time friend who will be with them 24/7. Trust us, a goat on its own will drive you nuts! We don't recommend dogs as companions, simply because a dog will not always stay with the goat 24/7 and this can cause your goat to become stressed.
To keep your goats friendly and loveable, you must spend a small amount of time with them each day minimum. The more time you spend the friendlier they will be. They are the best time wasters and I'm sure you will have no problem spending the time they need with you.