Wait List

Due to having a number of requests for babies each season we have created a non-obligated wait list. People on our wait list have first preference before we advertise. If you wish to join our wait list, please feel free to fill out the form with your details.

*Please note that goats are herd animals and require another goat or similar animal for full-time company. 


Australian Miniature Goats

Wether (desexed male) $300

Doeling $500+ (depending on breeding)

Breeding age doe $600+ (depending on breeding)

Breeding age buck $800+ (depending on breeding)

Australian Pygmy Goats

Wether (desexed male) $350

Doeling $900+ (depending on percentage)

Breeding age doe $900+ (depending on percentage)

Breeding age buck $1000+ (depending on percentage)

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